Bloody Moon (1981)

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Bloody Moon (1981) movie downloading linkBloody Moon (1981) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Jesus Franco.
Released: 1981.
Runtime: 85 min.
Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller.
Countries: Germany.
Language: English.
Also Known As: Die Säge des Todes, The Saw of Death, The Bloody Moon Murders.
Movie Info: IMDb.Actors: Olivia Pascal, Christoph Moosbrugger, Nadja Gerganoff.
Plot: Miguel, a young man with a horribly disfigured face, goes on a rampage at a masquerade party and rapes a girl. He then brutally hacks up the young woman with a pair of scissors. Miguel is institutionalized at a mental asylum for five years. Afterward, he is released into the care of his sister, Manuela. Along with their wheelchair bound mother, they operate a boarding school for young woman, called Europe’s International Youth-Club Boarding School of Languages, on the Spanish resort of Costa Del Sol. Miguel is intrigued by Angela, a long-haired brunette, whom he first saw on the train ride from the sanitarium. The creepy Miguel follows her around..

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