Girls Pleasure: Man Hunting (1977)


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Girls Pleasure: Man Hunting (1977) movie downloading linkGirls Pleasure: Man Hunting (1977) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Toshiya Fujita.
Released: 1977.
Runtime: 77 min.
Genres: Drama, Thriller.
Countries: Japan.
Language: Japanese.
Also Known As: Yokosuka otoko-gari: shoujo kairaku.
Movie Info: IMDb.Actors: Kaori Ono, Jun Nakagawa, Shigeru Yazaki, Moeko Ezawa, Aya Origuchi, Tony Wada, Ryoichi Sato, Kunio Shimizu, Akira Takahashi, Keizo Kanie.
Plot: Two female friends and their very different lives… One witnesses the brutal abuse of her sister while the other has to deal with a troubled relationship with an African American soldier. Together, the girls will be drawn into a spiral of revenge and violence..

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March 21, 2022