Going Places / Les Valseuses / Die Ausgebufften (1974)


Going Places / Les Valseuses / Die Ausgebufften (1974) movie streaming linkDirected by: Bertrand Blier.
Released: May 13, 1974.
Runtime: 150 min.
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama.
Countries: France.
Language: French (Eng-Sub).
Also Known As: Going Places.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Gérard Depardieu, Miou-Miou, Patrick Dewaere, Christian Alers, Brigitte Fossey, Michel Peyrelon, Gérard Boucaron, Jacques Chailleux, Eva Damien, Dominique Davray, Isabelle Huppert, Marco Perrin, Jacques Rispal, Claude Vergnes, Jeanne Moreau.
Plot: Two whimsical, aimless thugs harass and assault women, steal, murder, and alternately charm, fight, or sprint their way out of trouble. They take whatever the bourgeois characters value: whether it’s cars, peace of mind, or daughters. Marie-Ange, a jaded, passive hairdresser, joins them as lover, cook, and mother confessor. She’s on her own search for seemingly unattainable sexual pleasure..

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