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Guilty of Romance (2011) movie downloading linkDirected by: Sion Sono.
Released: November 12, 2011.
Runtime: 145 min.
Genres: Drama, Horror, Romance.
Countries: Japan.
Language: Japanese.
Also Known As: Koi no tsumi, Guilty of Romance.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Mae Otsukaa, Miki Mizuno, Makoto Togashi, Megumi Kagurazaka, Kazuya Kojima, Satoshi Nikaido, Ryûju Kobayashi, Shingo Gotsuji, Motoki Fukami, Chika Uchida, Marie Machida, Ryô Iwamatsu, Hisako Ôkata, Kanji Tsuda, Cynthia Cheston.
Plot: I noticed this movie today at the viennale at a day screening and that i had a tough time to sit down via it. It regarded overly pretentious and misogynistic to me. Do not get me incorrect, i loved visitor q and that i found out the belle de jour, vivre sa vie references. But shion sono become no longer capable to tug of the absurd mixtures of violence and sexuality that made these films work. On the alternative. It appeared like a regular male masturbation fable with a few literature references tossed in to justify it. Even searching at it from an exploitation attitude, it just did not deliver. The appearing turned into less than convincing and at excellent as average because the mise en scene and also the use of track became horrible, constantly failing to set the counterpoint as manifestly in the beginning supposed. Ultimately it left the bitter taste of a conservative paradigm where girls were punished for their sexuality.

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