Helga, She Wolf of Spilberg (1977)


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Helga, She Wolf of Spilberg (1977) movie downloading linkHelga, She Wolf of Spilberg (1977) Full Movie Watch Online.
Directed by: Alain Payet.
Released: 1978.
Runtime: 93 min.
Genres: Drama, Thriller.
Countries: France.
Language: French.
Also Known As: Helga, la louve de Stilberg, The She Wolf of Spilberg.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Jean-Charles Maratier, Didier Faya, Alban Ceray, Richard Allan, Pamela Stanford, Catherine Leno, Françoise Maillot, Olivier Mathot, Carmelo Petix, Jean Cherian, Jacques Marbeuf, Dominique Aveline, Claude Janna, Patrizia Gori, Malisa Longo.
Plot: The film is so incompetent that its repetitions (how frequently do the prisoners line as much as be selected by using the medical doctor? And the way frequently does Helga walk down the skanky staircase to the dungeon?) and unmotivated movement very much mirrors the droolings of a dreaming mind and it's very last fable of liberation is as feeble as might be predicted from a jaded and pervy euro-gent, possibly one who's an anglophile with a penchant for carry on movies, as the comeuppance of Helga reminds one in all nothing less than the blanket-bath given through the rebellious sufferers to Hattie Jacques' matron in keep on doctor.
That the liberation is referred to as into query by using the very last shot, in which the escaped heroin and her lover are inside the sights of a gun aimed via a former prison shield, handiest goes to reveal that a tired businessman can, in his desires, attain an accidental second of imaginative and prescient bringing into focus the infinite nature of the arena's nightmare cycles of violence.

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March 22, 2019