Hocus Pocus (1984)

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Hocus Pocus (1984) movie downloading linkHocus Pocus (1984) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Yuet Sang Chin.
Released: 1984.
Runtime: 88 min.
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror.
Countries: Hong Kong.
Language: Cantonese.
Also Known As: Hogus Pogus, Ren xia gui.
Movie Info: IMDb.Actors: Lung Chan, Ching Po Chang, Hsi Chang.
Plot: Inspired by the paranormal stories of opera veteran Master Sheng (Ching-Ying Lam), an opera troupe, which includes the daring actor Kuei (Wei Tung), trick each other with ghostly stories and horror tricks. The troupe is repulsed by the overly-confident opera actor Chia (Ho Kai Law); therefore, they play the ultimate ghost trick on him. When Chia finds out, he confronts the troupe, resulting them in keeping a distance from each other. However, the troupe’s troubles worsen when their opera stage is haunted by a mischievous and restless ghost (Yuet Sang Chin)...

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