Intimidades de una cualquiera (1972)

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Intimidades de una cualquiera (1972) movie downloading linkDirected by: Armando Bo.
Released: May 02, 1974.
Runtime: 90 min.
Genres: Drama.
Countries: Argentina.
Language: Spanish.
Also Known As Intimacies of a Prostitute, Intimidades de una cualquiera.
Movie Info: IMDb.Actors: Ricardo Jordán, Maria Estela Lorca, Alfredo Hers, Armando Bo, Olanka Wolk, Horacio Bruno, Reynaldo Mompel, Virginia Romay, Raúl del Valle, Ricardo Passano, Fidel Pintos, Guillermo Battaglia, Sabina Olmos, Jorge Barreiro, Isabel Sarli.
Plot: Some other Isabel Sarli (she also filmed in carne and the lady is lower back) for our viewing delight, this one greater revealing. Made in the fashion of the exploitation us films of the period sila looks like an Latin Uschi Digard, or digard appeared like a nordic sarli you make a decision, this film is pretty exploitive and ultimately it makes you wish to grow a mustache were a cowboy hat and speak Spanish, and sing maria maria maria lol.

A simple story for a simple woman, maria is a negative simple united state of America girl (grown-up lady), that ill of her bosses advances decides to take matters on her own and goes to the massive metropolis of Buenos aires to begin a brand new existence, however, the huge metropolis doesn’t forgive and soon our woman founds herself in a position (no pun meant) in which she has to promote her body (tax-free).

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