La fine dell'innocenza (1976)

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La fine dell'innocenza (1976) movie downloading linkDirected by: Massimo Dallamano.
Released: May 1976.
Runtime: 81 min.
Genres: Drama.
Countries: Italy, UK.
Language: Italian.
Also Known As Annie, La fine dell'innocenza, Blue Belle, Emanuelle's Daughter Blue Belle, The End of Innocence.
Movie Info: IMDb.Actors: Vittorio Fiore, Joe Cassidy, Peter Crowne, Edith McDonald, Maria Rohm, Patrizia Banti, Al Cliver, Ines Pellegrini, Yao Lin Chen, Linda Lin Di Ho, Rik Battaglia, Charles Fawcett, Felicity Devonshire, Ciro Ippolito, Annie Belle.
Plot: Younger annie, orphaned seeing that childhood, leaves college in which she has continually lived together along with her lover michael, an ambiguous person who passes himself off as her father. As soon as in hong kong, the person is arrested during a celebration accused of being a forex provider.

Left alone, annie ends up under the protection of angelo and linda, a wealthy and unprejudiced couple who starts her inside the world of intercourse and swinging. After a chain of murky adventures, she finds refuge in a buddhist convent wherein she might be capable of locate in herself the energy to remove her captors.

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