Le Viol Du Vampire / The Rape Of The Vampire (1968)


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Le Viol Du Vampire / The Rape Of The Vampire (1968) movie downloading linkDirected by: Jean Rollin.
Released: May 27, 1968.
Runtime: 97 min.
Genres: Horror.
Countries: France.
Language: French.
Also Known As: Queen of the Vampires, Le Viol Du Vampire.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Jean-Denis Bonana, Edith Ponceau-Lardiea, Mei Chen Chalais, Jean Aron, Philippe Druillet, Yolande Leclerc, Don Burhans, Doc Moyle, Louise Horn, Marco Pauly, Nicole Romain, Ursule Pauly, Catherine Deville, Bernard Letrou, Solange Pradel.
Plot: Four sisters residing in an old château are convinced that they're vampires. One believes she become raped via the villagers years before, and is blind. Any other is scared of sunlight. They all react violently to crucifixes. The sisters are being manipulated by using a sinister old guy who alternates between admonishing them to kill freshmen that threaten their exposure, and groping their breasts. The 4 seem to worship a bestial idol inside the wooded area who speaks to them with a disembodied voice. Thomas (bernard letrou), brigitte (solange pradle) and marc (marquis polho), who have come to the countryside to remedy the sisters of their so-called contamination. They do not accept as true with that the sisters are vampires, and do not accept as true with in vampires at all. Thomas is a psychoanalyst, determined to treatment them from their madness. He believes it's been triggered via the superstitious villagers, who've pushed the harassed women insane with their religious symbols and persecution. He tries to convince them that crucifixes and sunlight might not damage them, and that the blind sister can without a doubt see. He is taking all of this as proof that their vampirism is all of their minds. Whilst one of the sisters fall for thomas' charms, the old man orders every other sister to kill him, brigitte and marc. When this fails, he unleashes the peasants, who brutally homicide all the women they could discover, which also includes brigitte. Thomas asks one of the sisters to chunk him to prove her wrong, and discovers she is, in truth, a vampire, and that he became misled via his personal preconceptions. The two flee to the beach and are gunned down through marc, who is distraught by brigitte's demise at the arms of the peasants.

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