Night of the Living Babes (1987)

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Night of the Living Babes (1987) movie downloading linkNight of the Living Babes (1987) Full Movie Watch Online. Directed by: Gregory Dark.
Released: 1987.
Runtime: 56 min.
Genres: Comedy, Horror.
Countries: USA.
Language: English.
Also Known As: Night of the Living Babes.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Anthony R. Lovett, Blondi, Lisa Devine, Violet Lickness, Ashley Elstad, Terri Lynn Peake, Cynthia Clegg, Forrest Witt, Connie Woods, Louie Bonanno, Andy Nichols, Michelle Bauer.
Plot: There is not anything express in it, masses of toplessness, and one tender love scene. This is a shot-on-video feature with a pretty meager budget that tries to draw thought from affects as numerous because the rocky horror picture display, the honeymooners and zombie movies. Chuck and dollar are nice buddies, married to sue and lulu respectively. Whilst chuck wants to sneak off to a whorehouse known as the zombie ranch (funny, it appeared like a california mansion to me, oh properly...) he drags his pal buck along for the ride. With their other halves in pursuit, hallarity have to take place. It is no longer going to be remembered inside the halls of first rate cinema, but it's silly in a sweet way, and the nudity is mildly diverting for an hour or so.

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