Rehearsal (1995)

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Rehearsal movie streaming linkDirector: Jeong-su Kang, Stars: Eun-hee Bang, Min-su Choi, Yong-seok Choi, Mu-song Jeon, Bu-seon Kim, Ho-jae Lee, Yeong-seon Park, Suk Son. IMDb
Also Known As: Liheoseol, Rehearsal.
Rehearsal: Min-su meets beautiful actress Seung-hae when he goes on a job to take care of a financial matter with the local theater. Min-su seduces her and they make passionate love. But their physical relationship begins to take a toll on them. Seung-hae decides that Min-su is a distraction to her budding career. She tries to end things with him so that she can concentrate on her performance in "Hiroshima Mon Amour" . But Min-su is not so easy to get rid of.

July 26, 2019