The Crew (1994)

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The Crew (1994) movie downloading linkThe Crew (1994) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Carl Colpaert.
Released: October 1994.
Runtime: 99 min.
Genres: Drama, Thriller.
Countries: USA.
Language: English.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Matt Friedman, Dan Ireland, Annabelle Weenick, John Archie, Walter Mortensen, Al Guthery, Ray Wise, Grace Zabriskie, Sam Sorbo, John Philbin, Laura del Sol, Pamela Gidley, Jeremy Sisto, Donal Logue, Viggo Mortensen.
Plot: Reluctantly Bill agrees to spend a weekend on his brother-in-law’s boat in the Bahamas. But he and his wife are not the only invited passengers, and instead of a few relaxing days at sea Bill experiences something that shakes his whole existence.

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