The Daughter: I, a Woman Part III (1970)


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The Daughter: I, a Woman Part III (1970) movie downloading linkDirected by: Mac Ahlberg.
Released: February 09, 1970.
Runtime: 86 min.
Genres: Drama.
Countries: Denmark.
Language: English.
Also Known As: 3 slags kærlighed, Black Voltage, The Daughter: I, a Woman Part III.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Børge Møller Grimstrupa, John Larsena, Poul Glargaard, Benny Hansen, Tove Bang, Tove Maës, Susanne Jagd, Helli Louise, Bent Warburg, Søren Strømberg, Ellen Faison, Tom Scott, Klaus Pagh, Inger Sundh, Gunbritt Öhrström.
Plot: The story issues the sexual awakening of a young female who is the daughter of a socially conservative and religious danish couple. Birthe, a 17-yr-old and sexually inexperienced girl arriving home from boarding faculty to discover her mother siv having intercourse with a person. Traumatized, she flees the scene and ends up in a hippie espresso residence. She smokes hashish, engages in lesbianism and has intercourse with a black american scientific pupil. Amazing dancers, hell's angels and different colorful characters are protected in the younger ladies sexual awakening. The tale concerns the sexual awakening of a young lady who's the daughter of a socially conservative and religious danish couple. Because the daughter starts offevolved her self discovery she is drawn faraway from the control of her mother and father and their repressive attitudes. At one point, she examines herself in the front of a reflect in a scene that contains partial nudity. As this self exam have become more pleasing, an older woman sitting in the back of us whispered to her husband in dismay, "she's masturbating!" it seems that the concern was far more shocking than what was found out. Inger sundh is better, however this frosty blonde changed into a lot higher gambling a malicious vixen in "inga and greta" than trying to play an innocent virgin. Director mac alberg, who became basically a cinematographer, absolutely hit his directorial height together with his first movie, the original "i, a girl", however then declined step by step from there, subsequently shooting hardcore porn in sweden earlier than going returned to cinematography and locating a few fulfillment in hollywood.

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April 19, 2019