The Goddaughter (1972)


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The Goddaughter movie streaming linkDirector: Donn Greer.
Stars: Tracy Handfuss, John Paul Jones, Diana Hardy, Margot Devletian, Robin Stone, Dimitri Roxoff, William Margold, Alan Sinclair, Roger Diamond, Angel Horn, Uschi Digard, Becky Sharpe, Nancy Martin, Kathy Hilton, Gene Rowland.
Movie Info: IMDb
Genres: Crime.
Also Known As: The Goddaughter.
The Goddaughter: The West Coast mob has problems. Its head has been assassinated, and their East Coast rivals are looking for an excuse to take them over. They find a heretofore unknown child of the don's named Toni and send for him to come to Los Angeles to take over, but the "him" turns out to be a "her"--who is also a nun.

July 28, 2019