The Swinging Coeds (1972)

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The Swinging Coeds (1972) movie downloading linkThe Swinging Coeds (1972) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Walter Boos.
Released: October 1976.
Runtime: 72 min.
Genres: Comedy.
Countries: West Germany.
Language: German.
Also Known As: Mädchen, die nach München kommen, Girls Which Come to Munich, Isojen poikien makupalat, Las calientes chicas de Múnich, Mädchen, die nach München kommen, Mädchen, die nach München kommen – Das geheime Sexleben der Olympiastadt, Sex at the Olympics.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Josef Moosholzer, Gunther Möhner, Ernest Menzer, Josef Fröhlich, Walter Feuchtenberg, Harald Baerow, Gerd Arnau, Ingrid Steeger, Rosl Mayr, Marlene Rahn, Elfriede Payer, Christina Lindberg, Dorit Henke, Ulrike Butz, Karin Götz.
Plot: Young women flock to Munich for both work and fun during the '72 Olympics, leading to various escapades and encounters that inevitably culminate in nudity. Among the tales, we witness a new girl's arrival causing a stir, a boss pursuing his secretary, and a caregiver drawn into a seductive triangle with a child's parents. The plot further unfolds with cult favorite Christina Lindberg as a struggling girl-turned-escort and continues with more intriguing stories.

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