Yasmine a la prison de femmes (2007)


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Yasmine a la prison de femmes (2007) movie downloading linkDirected by: Alain Payet.
Released: 2007.
Runtime: 84 min.
Genres: Drama.
Countries: France.
Language: French.
Also Known As: Yasmine a la prison de femmes, Yasmine Behind Bars.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Claude Vigourouxa, Léa Lazura, Florence, Jessica Fiorentino, Yasmine Lafitte, Laura Lion, Tarra White, Nomi, Lydia St. Martin, Anastasia Christ, Ramon Nomar, Tony Carrera, Mike Angelo, Ian Scott.
Plot: Yasmine at the back of bars stars a prevailing ensemble of eu actresses, no longer just yasmine, portraying girls in stir and the warden and guards who hump them. Some men are thrown into the combination for arousing xxx movement. This isn't the everyday large-price range marc dorcel manufacturing, boasting adorable places, glamorous costumes and a massive solid list. Instead, befitting its genre, it is claustrophobic, gritty, with gals in orange jumpsuits, however the needful amount of f & s. Nomi is the seriously styled, lovable blonde warden of the prison, and format surely has new ladies arriving. It is essentially an all-sex technique, with no real plot, no scheming, no jail wreck, just sex. Incomes highest honors are laura lion as the brand new inmate -she has the biggest bust of any of the cutting-edge variety of european ultra-beauties. I especially appreciated her paintings in every other dorcel opus the widow. Additionally amazing is uninhibited defend tarra white, coming in a near second within the intercourse branch. Yasmine, who does not get top billing on screen however is the marketed draw, is very powerful as considered one of lion's cellular buddies. Yasmine especially earns her preserve in a completely robust sex scene contrary huge-dicked ian scott. Video would not add as much as something, with "the give up" superimposed arbitrarily after the very last intercourse scene, as movie merely expires with the three cell associates simply sitting around doing not anything. I wish writer/director alain payet had taken the time to scribble down some thing similar to a storyline on the lower back of an envelope before capturing.

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October 10, 2019