Coldfire (1990)


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Coldfire (1990) movie streaming linkDirector: Wings Hauser.
Stars: Wings Hauser, Michael Easton, Kamar de los Reyes, Nancy Locke, Darcy DeMoss, Asher Brauner, Albert Cutt, Robert Viharo, Addison Randall, Cynthia Brooks, R.J. Walker, Josh Saylor, Douglas Coler, Denise Dowse, Kipp Shiotani.
Movie Info: IMDb
Language: English.
Also Known As: Coldfire - Polvere fredda.
Plot: The "Coldfire" is a lethal new designer-drug with destructive capabilities. Its origins are unknown...and its effects are irreversible. This drug promises the "ultimate high." However, what does the user acquire instead? The ultimate way to die...

August 2, 2019