Devil Hunter (1980)

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Devil Hunter (1980) movie downloading linkDevil Hunter (1980) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Jesús Franco.
Released: December 05, 1980.
Runtime: 102 min.
Genres: Horror.
Countries: Spain, ,France, West Germany.
Language: English.
Also Known As: A Fit of Rage, Um Copo de Cólera.
Movie Info: IMDb.Actors: Claude Boisson, Ursula Buchfellner, Al Cliver, Antonio Mayans, Antônio do Cabo, Bertrand Altmann, Gisela Hahn, Muriel Montossé, Werner Pochath, Melo Costa, Aline Mess, Tibi Costa, Óscar Cortina, Ana Paula.
Plot: A Vietnam veteran heads to an island inhabited by cannibals to save a kidnapped model not only from her kidnappers, but also from the cannibals' lurking Devil god.

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