Kiss Me Killer (1977)

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Kiss Me Killer (1977) movie downloading linkKiss Me Killer (1977) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Jesús Franco.
Released: March 31, 1977.
Runtime: 83 min.
Genres: Crime.
Countries: France.
Language: English.
Also known as: Tango au clair de lune.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Paul Muller, Catherine Lafferière, Angelo Bassi, Ricardo Vázquez, Gilda Arancio, Giuseppe Mattei, Olivier Mathot, Lina Romay, Alice Arno.
Plot: A deadly look into the savage world of gangsters. The aftermath of a holdup turns into a game of deceit and doublecross. A vengeful woman brings about the destruction of the entire gang of ruthless killers.

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