Subway Serial Rape (1985)

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Subway Serial Rape (1985) movie downloading linkSubway Serial Rape (1985) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Shûji Kataoka.
Released: May 22, 1985.
Runtime: 62 min.
Genres: Crime.
Countries: Japan.
Language: Japanese.
Also Known As: Chikatetsu renzoku reipu.
Movie Info: IMDb.Actors: Shirô Shimomoto, Hiromi Saotome, Akira Okamura, Eri Ishizaka, Ren Osugi, Mami Fujimura.
Plot: A man with a briefcase is being pursued by a small yakuza gang. The man resembles one of the gang's leaders. After abandoning his vehicle, the man boards a train where a woman is being ..

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