The Bloodstained Lawn (1973)

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The Bloodstained Lawn (1973) movie downloading linkThe Bloodstained Lawn (1973) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Riccardo Ghione.
Released: 1973.
Runtime: 82 min.
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Mystery.
Countries: Italy.
Language: Italian.
Also Known As: Il prato macchiato di rosso.
Movie Info: IMDb.Actors: Marina Malfatti, Enzo Tarascio and Daniela Caroli.
Plot: The story follows an aristocratic trio, a husband, his wife, and her brother, engaged in a gruesome ritual of draining people's blood. They prey on society's marginalized, like prostitutes and hitchhikers, bringing them to their secluded villa with a crimson, bloodstained lawn. After intoxicating them, they indulge in wild orgies before connecting the victims to a peculiar machine that siphons their blood, packaging it for sale in wine bottles.

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