The Drug Connection (1976)

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The Drug Connection (1976) movie downloading linkThe Drug Connection (1976) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Chung Sun.
Released: December 02, 1976.
Runtime: 87 min.
Genres: Crime, Drama.
Countries: Hong Kong.
Language: Mandarin.
Also Known As: Du hou mi shi, Hong fen sha xing, The Sexy Killer, Kung Fu Brigade Schwarzer Panther.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Wen-Wei Lin, Peng-Fei Li, Feng Lin, Tse Lin Yang, Shen Chan, Yang Chiang, Lin Tung, Hsieh Wang, Ching Tien, Lan Mi, Angela Yu Chien, Eva Lin, Wei Szu, Hua Yueh, Ping Chen.
Plot: A nurse decides to take justice in her own hands to fight the crime-syndicates of Hong Kong after her sister is drugged and abused by some local drug dealers.

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