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Valérie (1969) movie streaming linkDirector: Denis Héroux.
Stars: Danielle Ouimet, Guy Godin, Andrée Flamand, Kim Wilcox, Claude Préfontaine, Henri Norbert, Michel Paje, Clémence DesRochers, Paul Buissonneau, Yvan Ducharme, Luce Triganne, Pierre Paquette, Gaétan Labrèche, Georges Carrère, Christian Delmas.
Movie Info: IMDb
Language: English.
Also Known As: Tendre et sensuelle Valérie.
Valerie: A seminal Quebec erotic film about a curious girl who leaves her convent to explore the Montréal hippy scene, becomes a prostitute and meets her true love who doesn't know she's a hooker, that started erotic film genre in Canada.

July 30, 2019