Violent Blood Bath (1973) Pena de muerte video

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Violent Blood Bath (1973) movie downloading linkViolent Blood Bath (1973) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Jorge Grau.
Released: 1973.
Runtime: 92 min.
Genres: Horror, Crime, Drama.
Countries: Spain.
Language: English.
Also Known As: Pena de muerte, Death Penalty.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Fernando Rey, Marisa Mell, Máximo Valverde.
Plot: A magistrate judge and his young, beautiful wife are on vacation at a seaside resort when some of the guests and locals are brutally murdered in the same manner as several killers the judge had previously sentenced to death. While his wife is having an affair and the police interrogate everyone, the judge experiences nightmarish flashbacks to crime scenes.

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