The Enchanting Ghost (1970)

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The Enchanting Ghost (1970) movie downloading linkThe Enchanting Ghost (1970) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Hsu-Chiang Chou.
Released: 1970.
Runtime: 81 min.
Genres: Fantasy, Horror.
Countries: Hong Kong, Taiwan.
Language: Mandarin.
Also Known As: Gui wu li ren.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Ho Wu, Fu Sheng Tsui, Liang Tai, Li-Wen Sha, Pin Lin, Hung Li, Chi-Lun Li, Ming Lei, Hsiao Pao Ko, Hsiang Ting Ko, Li Hua Yang, Mei-Yao Chang.
Plot: This Shaw Brothers ghost story bridges the gap between the 1960s huangmei operas and the later horror films of the 1970s. The plot follows a scholar who is unjustly ousted from his residence by a deceitful landlord. He takes refuge in an eerie, abandoned house with a sinister history, where he becomes enamored with a enigmatic young woman.

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