The Mummy's Revenge (1975)


The Mummy's Revenge (1975) movie downloading linkThe Mummy’s Revenge (1975) Online Watch Movie.
Directed by: Carlos Aured.
Released: October 27, 1975.
Runtime: 91 min.
Genres: Horror.
Countries: Spain.
Language: Spanish.
Also Known As: La venganza de la momia.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Actors: Dov Rudnick, Eric Coplin, Paisley Yankolovich, J Bartell, Chuck Rhee, Tom Ruben, Athena Worthy, Maria Ford, Debbie Nassar, Cyril O’Reilly, Starr Andreeff.
Plot: After the cruel Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep’s mummy was discovered and transported to London, his distant relative travels from Egypt to England in order to resurrect his body.

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