The Pimp (1966)

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Directed by: Kan Mukai.
Released: August 1966.
Runtime: 62 min.
Genres: Drama.
Countries: Japan.
Language: Japanese.
Also Known As: The Bite.
Movie Info: IMDb.Actors: Natsue Hanaha, Senjo Ichiriki, Jiro Kenda, Machiko Matsumoto, Sanae Mitsuoka, Keiko Naruse, Yuri Nishi, Keisuke Senda, Taro Yagami.
Plot: A madame pays Koichi, a gigolo, to entice and have sex with different ladies while she and her clients observe in secret. Although he dislikes what he is doing, he must get the money in order to care for his gravely ill mother. He is tasked with seducing a lovely waitress one day, and the two end up falling in love. Although Koichi informs his mother that he is planning to resign, she has other ideas for him.

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